MULTIYES | Ginseng + Multivitamin + Multimineral + Antioxidants Softgel
August 16, 2017
August 16, 2017
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Composition: Ginseng + Multivitamin + Multimineral + Antioxidants

Packing: 10x1x10 Softgel

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Ginseng has good benefits for the overall health. It helps keep level energy good. Those who are having low blood glucose or cholesterol levels can take it for good benefits. With good intake, one will feel relaxed and see improvements in sexual dysfunction in men. It reduces stress and has been found beneficial for those suffering from diabetes.

The presence of Multimineral, Antioxidants and Multivitamin like Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12 etc helps in multiple ways. Regular intake will help boost energy, keep mood swings at bay, reduce the levels of stress, anxiety and improves memory and muscle strength. It is good for eyes, skin and hair as an additional beauty benefit.

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