CALCIDRO-D3 | Cholecalciferol 60000 IU Softgel
August 16, 2017
August 16, 2017
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Composition: Cholecalciferol Softgels

Packing: 4X10

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Cholecalciferol is also known as Vitamin D3 & colecalciferol. It is a type of Vitamin D that is fat soluble in nature. Studies have found that Vitamin D4 is important for good health and deficiency of it can cause ailments like rickets. Cholecalciferol is made using the skin of food like fruits and vegetables. They are popular as a dietary supplement for nutrition purpose. Consuming V-D3 on regular basis provides health and beauty benefits as it nourishes skin, hair and internal health. It is very important for the body as it helps in better and quick absorption of calcium and phosphorous.

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